Age: 6+

At Meyerhofer we follow the Royal Academy of Dancing syllabus. For more information on RAD click here.

Grade School

Description: Correct posture, body placement and technical strength are developed along with memory development through knowledge of a syllabus. Dancers are taught how their bodies work and how to correctly use them in dance. Focus is also given to musical awareness, artistic development, physical skills, stamina, creativity, and performance. A strong Ballet foundation prepares students for a successful transition into our senior school and other dance genres.

Senior School (Majors)

Description: Our senior school/major Ballet exams require intensive training and are for senior students that want to take their dancing to the next level. Students work towards mastery of principles and practices of dance technique. Artistic and musical development is intensified. Confidence in a dancer’s self and his or her capabilities is encouraged. For more information on our senior ballet programs, please speak to Miss Lisa.