Catina Duscio has grown over the past 15 years as an award winning dancer and performer, into a valued choreographer and instructor.

Catina has trained, assisted and worked professionally with some of the most accomplished Choreographers, Dance and Voice Instructors, Directors, Producers and Recording Artists in Canada’s entertainment industry.

Catina has appeared in movies, television shows, live performances & music videos such as Disney’s Frenemies, Nikita, Hellcats, The Next Star, LA Complex, Highland Gardens, Ghost girl in “Monster High” Mattel’s worldwide launch, Shawn Desmon’s Electric & Night like this, live performances and television appearances with Aleesia, Jordan Setacci , the IIFA Awards Ceremony and has been invited to perform at several prestigious events and benefits in Europe the United States and Canada to mention a few.

Catina has taught and choreographed for many studios, workshops and respected educational institutions over the years with great success. Her choreography has won many overall high score awards, entertainment awards and choreography awards. Her demand for quality alongside her very approachable personality gives her the ability to encourage and motivate her students at every age and level and push them beyond their comfort zone to be the very best they can be.

Catina is recognized as an outstanding technician in all dance genres. From pointe shoes to hip hop, her strengths have proved to have no boundaries as a performer, instructor and choreographer.

Catina’s true joy is bringing her creativity, experience and technical skill to the stage for an audience to enjoy and into the classroom where she can challenge and excite her students.

Catina is presently attending University to further her academic education while working as a professional in the entertainment industry. Catina feels in order to keep current, in shape and prepared, she must continue to train in dance, vocal and acting. She believes in experiencing as much as possible to enrich her life and feed her passion for the art of dance and music, and she is always excited to share everything she knows in hopes of inspiring others.