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A Thank you from the Lalondes!

As our daughter Abby graduates and transitions to the next stage of her life we cannot thank you enough for the outstanding experience she has had at your studio over the past 14 years. I have no doubt that the hard working, confident and respectful young woman that she has become has been because of the influences and training from the top notch faculty at Meyerhofer (Ms. Jade, Ms. Michelle, Ms. Wilma, Ms. Amber and Ms. Corrina). Although our daughter has chosen not to pursue dance professionally, the learning’s from these years will no doubt be transferred to her life; she has learned to persevere through challenging situations, willingly accepts feedback and is determined to always do the best she can in any endeavor. Mike and I want to thank you Ms. Lisa, you have not only been a mentor and coach to our daughter but a wonderful friend! You have personally incubated Abby’s passion for the arts and the creative process and instilled in her a love for learning and growing. We are confident that because of her time spent at Meyerhofer she has developed a strong foundation that will provide the competence and life skills she will need to successfully pursue her studies in Architecture/Design at the University of Toronto. The experience Abby has had a Meyerhofer has been an important investment towards her future, an investment that has truly been invaluable!!!!

- Mike and Kim Lalonde

Hi Lisa. I just wanted to let you know that Maclean's been accepted to The Miami City Ballet on full scholarship. I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful training you gave him. He couldn't have done this without you.You really worked hard to correct many of his problems and took him to the next level of dance. you also helped him find his love of dance again:) You have really made a difference to him and just wanted to say thank you!

- Erin Frey

Dance is beneficial in so many ways; healthy for both body and mind, building self-confidence, learning to be part of a team, and learning essential life skills such as self-discipline, commitment, and respect. I have seen all of these qualities emerge from my shy little 3 year old daughter who started dancing at Meyerhofer seven years ago! She has learned so much and I appreciate all of the excellent instruction, technique and age-appropriate choregraphy that this studio has to offer. Dance is so much a part of who she is and I cannot think of anywhere else she'd like to be. She has established so many close friendships here. It truly feels like "family".
Thank you Meyerhofer Academy of Dancing!"

- Sonia Juranics

My son jacob has a love for hip hop, he started dancing just in our livingroom learning from watching step up movies and his favorite show so you thing you can dance; i enrolled him into the Meyerhofer for hip hop class and i watched his passion for this style of dance grow and how devoted he is with his dancing and new skills he is learning, he is always practicing at home to improve himself and his skills. When jacob asked me to try the week of dance camp to try different styles of dance, jacob discovered that he loved the lyrical style and how much fun this style was and that he enjoyed arco as well. He asked me to enroll him into those classes as well and he says that this will make him a better dancer to get on to so you think you can dance. jacob loves Miss Jasmine and looks up to her and loves Meyerhofer studio, he says its home away from home. Jacob's has become very passionated about dance and i am very proud of his accomplishments in his dancing. The staff is very welcoming, fun and supportived of the children dancing. They treat you like family at Meyerhofer Academy of Dancing.

- Christy Smith

I love my daughter's dance studio - Meyerhofer Academy of Dancing - in Cambridge. Thank-you Miss Lisa, that was such a fun competition, so great to see such talent in our dancers ! You are developing a strong, talented, yet kind and humble group of dancers. Amazing role models in these young people (helping with costumes, kind words of encouragement, being funny and working so hard and achieving so much - in an attempt to make you proud) Your teachers, daughters, your Mom, parents, and students - all creating a studio with such heart !!!!!!

- Lynn Gomes

I am so glad that I chose Meyerhofer years ago when my daughter first started ballet as a little girl. Today it is by far her favourite place to be. It truly is a place that feels like home for the students there and they are treated like family. > All of the instructors and choreographers are outstanding and bring out the best in each of the students through their strong training, intense dedication and unfailing pursuit of excellence. No one is left to simply "blend into the crowd", but rather their talents are brought to the surface, built upon and strengthened. The competitive team is an impressive group of well trained athletes and always stand out with numerous awards and recognitions at various competitions for their strong techniques and artistic edge. The routines and costumes are original, artistic, tasteful and age-appropriate for the students. This studio is an excellent choice whether your child is looking for a fun place to explore different dance styles or delve into intense training aimed at a future in dance. We are so thankful for everyone at Meyerhofer and are so excited for the upcoming dance year!

- Olga Tavares

My daughter started dance at a different studio where the owner was more interested in the financial side of dance instead of the dancer side of dance. After a year, we sought out a new studio and my daughter started at Meyerhofer Academy of Dance. Right away, I saw the studio was more interested in my daughter, the dancer. Miss Wilma is there most of the time to answer any questions. Miss Lisa and the rest of her team of teachers take time to get to know the girls, help them where they are weak and support them where they are strong. They demand the very best from their dancers, and because they know each and every one of the personally, the best is always given. Miss Lisa respects her dancers, which is of utmost importance to me as a mom. And to top it all off, my daughter loves it there. She is happiest when she is at the studio. It has been a great 6 years and we look forward to many more.

- Lesley Wright

My daughter Shannon was born with a turned in foot. Shannon learned to walk quite early however she would always fall over. After speaking to a doctor she had suggested to take Shannon to ballet classes as it would help to correct her feet. Without hesitation I knew exactly where to enroll my daughter. At the age of three Shannon started taking ballet classes with Miss Lisa and over the years not only did her foot correct itself but she has made amazing friends and has found a home away from home. The dance teachers at Meyerhofer really do care about their students as the students care about the dance teachers. Yes you can check out other dance studios but I personally think you will not get the same high standard of training as you would at Meyerhofer. If looking for a studio to choose whether it be for your son or your daughter I don't think you would find a better studio than Meyerhofer Academy of Dancing.

- Mandalay McCulloch

It's hard to come up with the words to describe how Meyerhofer Academy of Dance has changed our daughter’s life.

Meyerhofer has transformed our daughter into a confident younger adult and dancer, vastly improving her dance skills and being of immense benefit to her overall self-confidence and self-esteem.  Their positive approach and true appreciation for each child’s unique abilities creates and environment where kids want to learn but they also have FUN!

She would not be the person (or dancer) that she is today without the guidance, compassion and love she receives on a daily basis from all that are involved with the studio.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have been accepted into this loving family of teachers and Events. They have such big hearts and truly care about each and every one of their students.

Thank you for everything you do each and every day.

- Caroline and Doug Bannon

We have 2 dancers in the family and the oldest has been dancing at Meyerhofer since she was 4 years old, and the youngest since he was just 1 ½ years old. Miss Lisa has been a huge part of our kids’ lives as a teacher, coach and confidante since the day our oldest walked into the studio. They welcomed her with open arms and made us feel a part of the family immediately. Being parents of dancers we hear stories from other families in other studios & sports, and feel fortunate to have our kids in such a supportive atmosphere. Our children both aspire to be professional performers because of their exposure to Miss Jade & Miss Lisa’s work ethic and subsequent successes. Meyerhofer provides our children with the training they need to follow their dreams, and skills they can use in all of their future endeavors. Miss Lisa actively pursues guest teachers & choreographers to expose our children to situations & opportunities for the complete performing arts experience. Meyerhofer provides for individual needs with regards to costuming, age-appropriate dancing, etc. It is difficult to express the gratitude we feel to Meyerhofer not only for incredible training & opportunities, but also for providing a safe & encouraging environment for our children to grow in this difficult industry they’re pursuing.

- Sincerely,
Sue & Chris Dahmer